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"Welcome to the world little one...Working together to celebrate life..."

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a magical experience.  Extended family and friends love to be a part of such a celebration.

For some, this is a religious occasion where the baby is welcomed into a faith and baptised by a clergy officiant.  However, nowadays there are so many more people who are without a strict belief or faith.  Therefore, it seems only fitting that such an occasion can still happen but be more relaxed from faith and instead unique to the couple.

This is where a naming ceremony can help.

It is a non-religious celebration of either the arrival of a new child or a bestowing of a name. It is a way of welcoming the child/person and officially introducing them to family and friends.

Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone, at any age. The arrival of a new baby, the uniting of step or adopted children, gender transition or an adult name change are all great reasons to hold a naming ceremony.  Where the parents may have given birth to a stillborn child or one who died in infancy; incorporating a blessing into their funeral is a special way to solemnise their place in the family.

Naming days are often special days. Parents like to ask treasured people to support their children's lives and help them grow.  Within a religious setting, these people are given the title Godparent.  However, in a celebrant ceremony, I like to call them Guide parents. The principal is still the same and they are still asked to honour and commit to helping the baby grow to maturity...we just do it through personalised vows and in a unique ceremony. 

I will meet with you to discuss your hopes and dreams of such a service.  Then, I use my skills to write and deliver a special and truly unique ceremony for your little one.    

Guide parents still receive a beautiful keepsake certificate to mark the day.  

We can include a mix of both traditional and modern concepts, inspirational poems, family readings, songs, colour, Prayers and a beautiful blessing ritual that is a special memory to keep....the list is absolutely endless.  The beauty of this blessing is it can be held absolutely anywhere!  I have a large collection of contacts and ideas so please do ask. The only limit is your imagination...

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