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Inspiring Choices...

Every wedding is different...Unique services for unique people...

When thinking about the ceremony you want, it is hard to know where to begin. 

A blank canvas is a great place to begin but sometimes it produces indecisive thoughts.  It often leads you to make choices that afterwards you question.  It is important to set the right tone for the occasion.  Remember, your ceremony is not a dress rehearsal.  Whatever you choose to include as you make that commitment to another is a one-off...let's get it right the first time!

Choosing where you want to get married is a big decision.  It might be a stately home, cruise ship, village green or even your back garden.  A celebrant can marry you anywhere.  This can open up a whole variety of suggestions for the music, vows, rituals and more.  

 Some favourite music is always a winner making the ceremony both unique and poignant. 

Using poetry is also a wonderful way to evoke the thoughts and feelings you wish to express more succinctly.  I have written many poetry pieces for those I serve throughout my years as a celebrant.  It is a passion of mine to gift a bespoke piece of poetry to compliment the service or ceremony.  Others prefer to use pieces of published poetry and that is okay too.  

Mini-rituals are also a unique way to incorporate something different into a ceremony.  Whether this is an idea that has been done before or something completely new that I design just for will always add another unique layer to make your service different to the rest. 

Dare to be different!

Rituals & Mini Ceremonies

For centuries around the world, there have been mini ceremonies and rituals incorporated into

weddings that have made the occasion special.  Some are faith-orientated and others are more symbolic but they each add their individuality to a couple's day.  Below are some ideas...

  •  Exchanging of rings - Most couples exchange a ring as a symbolic gesture that they are committed to each other.  The ring is a circle representative of a shape that has no beginning or ending and it originated in Ancient Egypt.

  • Unity Candle - Some faiths believe that the candle is a representation of light which will always guide the way for couples in times of darkness.   Usually, the couple each lights a white candle at the beginning of the ceremony symbolising two individuals.  In the end, they use their candles together to ignite the unity candle.  The two flames join as one forming a single flame. A union.  It was first performed as part of a catholic ceremony.

  • Sand Ceremony - The sand is poured from two (or more if you wish to unify children etc) Each container has a different colour of sand and when blended will create a unique piece of art.  The vesicle is sealed with wax and a cork.  Symbolically it is said to represent the blending of souls as you cannot separate grains of sand.  Once put together they blend as one.  It originated in Hawaii and some couples like to use sand from their first holiday or proposal.  Some may marry abroad and blend sand from home with sand from the beach where they take their vows.

  • Salt Pouring Ritual - This is similar to the sand ceremony and can be as simple as using just cooking salt or rock salt.  Alternatively, couples can incorporate herbs or spices to infuse the salt.  Each ingredient is added for the qualities it bestows and then the couple season their food with the combined by-product which brings enhanced qualities to their lives.  Food for the soul.

  • Handfasting - This is an ancient Celtic/pagan tradition where the couple has their hands bound by coloured ribbons or cords.  Using different coloured ribbons symbolically brings different qualities to the marriage, which once tied, seals them in bestowing those hopes and dreams upon the couple.

  • Bubble Toast Blessing - I devised this mini ritual based upon the French tradition of toasting with Champagne.  It was believed that the clink of the glasses was lucky...a bit like a play on the Jewish breaking of the glass as they say "Mazel Tov!" meaning good luck!  Back in the days of Julius Caesar, Champagne was seen to be something that the wealthy would do and they clinked the full glasses so that some of the champagne would spill into the other's glass.  This was to protect themselves from poisoning as if the Champagne was poisoned then both would meet their peril!

On a lighter note, the bubble represents unity, joy, celebration, hope, dreams and fragility.  To remember that the bubble is not to be taken for granted or treated harshly as it will burst.  That with love, light and joy the bubble will fly high and carry the love of the couple!​

  • Tree or Rosebush planting - The planting of a tree or a rosebush is said to put the roots down of the relationship moving to a marriage.  To be significant of the foundations which the couple's future is built upon.  This is also something that will grow over time and flourish bringing joy.  Keeping the bush or tree alive by nurturing it is much like tending to their partner's needs.  This tradition is popular as many couples like to support the environment. 

  • Love Letter Ritual - Something that is lovely is for the happy couple to each write the other a love letter.  To tell them what their marriage means and to say what they hope to achieve in their first year.  As the first anniversary is celebrated by the exchange of paper, the letters are placed by the celebrant into a big envelope and sealed with wax and a blessing.  This is given to the couple to be kept until their first anniversary when they can open them.  A beautiful sentiment!

  • Ringing The Bells - In times when most people got married in church there would be a peel of the bells to congratulate the happy couple and raise the vibrations in the sound waves to emit joy. Nowadays where couples marry in different settings this is a ritual that is lost.  It can be fun to ask guests to choose a bell before they take their seats (which couples collect from charity shops etc).  A blessing is read and all the guests will ring their bells!

As you can see, many many mini rituals and blessings that can be incorporated or devised...

Dare to be different and capture your guest's imagination with a new style of wedding!

(*All images are either the property of Claire Townsend or taken from the One Fab Day website taken by Danzante Events, McMahon Studios, Gingerpixel Photography & The Portrait Room)

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