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Saying goodbye to a child...

"Every life, no matter how brief, leaves a footprint on our hearts..."

Losing a child...
Losing a child is perhaps the most harrowing of losses.  It is not the way in which our world should evolve.  Often parents are left not knowing what to do and where to turn.  It is in these times you need some guidance.  Naturally, the funeral director will be the initial point of call and they are there to help you sort the paperwork and dynamics of the funeral arrangements.  They will assist you with the options available and tell you of the charges, help to direct you to other professionals who can assist and advise, and seek to find you a celebrant or minister.


I am an independent celebrant who can work for any funeral director of your choice.  I do not impose a fee for conducting a child service unless mileage is excessive and only then do I seek recompense for fuel.  Nothing more.  I am there to support you and advise you about the type of service you may wish to choose.  I specialise in child funerals and will be with you throughout the process to ensure you can say goodbye in a fitting way.

Some families like it to be a very small and private affair with just the parents present.  Others like to include their parents, siblings, children, friends etc.  There is no right or wrong.  I can offer suggestions to make it a very intimate and unique send-off ensuring all of your wishes are met.  A child no matter the age will receive a full funeral service complete with music.  Even parents who lose a child before full-term pregnancy are offered the chance to say goodbye.

All of the photographs featured above were taken at services I have conducted.  They are displayed with the parent's permission in a bid to raise awareness and support around a very sensitive subject.  If you have any questions or queries please just ask.  

I thought I would share with you one of my own poetry pieces here. 

It is called "My Essence" by Claire Townsend

See the beauty all around,

For that's where I shall be…

In the flowers that bloom in springtime,

Or the peace of a vibrant blue sea.

A warming ray of sunshine,

A bubble that soars on high,

A robin that visits your window sill,

The star-studded glittering sky.

The songbird that greets you each morning,

A sunset that closes the day,

A whisper of breeze as it flutters the leaves,

And carries your sad thoughts away.

The glint of the snow on the mountains,

A butterfly dancing so free,

When you see these beautiful moments,

You shall stop and think of me!

(You can use my poem should you wish to but please just accredit me as the author)

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