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"Your wishes are my priority..."

Working together in loss to celebrate life

When a loved one passes away, whether it is expected or quite sudden, it seems impossible to come to terms with what has happened. Often, families are left bewildered and unsure of what to do next.

Arranging a funeral need not be such a daunting task with the right people to help you. A good Funeral Director will take care of you and help with logistical aspects of the ceremony, guiding you where you need assistance. Some people may be aware of a loved one's wishes but there are many who are not.

Most Funeral Directors begin by asking whether your loved one is going to be cremated or buried. Whichever option you choose it is important to make sure that the funeral ceremony itself pays a fitting tribute to the deceased. No two people are the same and so, as a celebrant, I feel it is vital to embrace that and reflect on your loved one aptly.

A funeral marks a significant event. The end of a unique life, the loss of a loved person, the crossing of a threshold and their final rite of passage.  In fact, quite possibly your biggest, single tribute to them.  Imagine a singular event – a ‘one-off’ Ceremony created with thoughtfulness and care, weaving together the colorful strands of their life to express their true nature, whilst giving voice to the loss felt by the community of all those who knew and loved them and what they stood for.

As an Independent Celebrant, I am non-denominational. This means I work without ties to any particular faith.  Most people now are not affiliated to a particular religion – so we say they are unaffiliated. However, it is possible they do still hold their own beliefs. There may be debate regarding inclusion of a religious element to the funeral service. Some families like to include some formality even if the deceased was not of faith.  I promise you, it is OK to be unsure and together we can discuss your thoughts and wishes so you make the right choice. Of course, if you so wish, you can still have those favourite hymns or religious readings. However, if preferred, the service can be non-religious and use poems and inspirational writing instead. I will respect all individual views and spiritual beliefs, composing and leading an appropriate, well-structured and imaginative Ceremony. You, the family and friends, are able to participate in service should you wish to.  However, for most it is a difficult day, in this instance I am happy to lead it all for you 

This is how I make your wishes my priority and conduct a Funeral which comes from the heart.

What happens when I am chosen to be your celebrant?


I will arrange to come and visit you in the comfort of your own home (or another mutually agreeable place if preferred). If this isn't possible, we can liaise by video conferencing or by telephone/email. 

During this time as you share stories and memories about your loved one it gives me the opportunity, not only to listen to you, but also to really start getting a true sense of the person you have lost. I can then gauge how the Ceremony itself should be.  Over the following days, what you have so openly shared then enables me to start composing a beautiful, individual Ceremony to ensure that he or she takes center stage for the last time. A Ceremony which will be both a celebration of their unique life, and a tender mourning of their loss. 

I am able to help you with the music choices and give advice if you are unable to decide.

After, I have compiled the Eulogy and service content everything is approved by the next of kin to make sure you are happy that everything you would like included is there. 

Ultimately, my role is to work alongside you, ensuring that the ceremony for your loved one is exactly as you'd like.  

If I am being asked to conduct a service for an interment, I will liaise directly with family/person making the arrangements and only speak to the crematorium staff on the day upon arrival.  These services are usually much shorter but can still be special. 

If it is a memorial service,  all liaison will be with the family or person making the arrangements as there is no Funeral Director in attendance or crematoria/chapel staff involved.  

I can also conduct a beloved Pet's service if the owner wishes. A pet , after all, is a loved one in our family.  These services can be held at Pet resting grounds or even a place of choice.

However you choose to commission me, I can tailor everything to suit your wishes.

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