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"Dare to be different..."

Working together to celebrate love...

Being a celebrant gives me the honour of helping those who would like to celebrate their love in other ways. There are people who do not feel the need to have the legal "piece of paper" but wish to commit by exchanging a union promise or a commitment ring. 

Others may wish to join hands in a pagan Hand-fasting. This non-religious ceremony idea is great for couples wanting something more unusual. Derived from pagan roots, the premise of this ceremony is to use the symbolic gesture of tying the newlywed’s hands.  It is thought this is where "tying the knot" came from!

You can use string, ribbon, scarves etc

I choose to put my unique spin on this and  I suggest using ribbons in symbolic colours.  You can include people who are special to you to lay that specific coloured ribbon across your hands bringing that virtue to your marriage.  It is a perfect way to include other people in your day giving them a role alongside bridesmaids and groomsmen.  You can ask your parents or step-parents, godparents, children, siblings, best friends etc. 

Families who are joining together to become one may choose a sand ceremony.

Each person chooses a coloured sand and then they take turns to blend the colours in a unique glass receptacle.  The meaning is simple...It isn't easy to separate single grains of sand. Not only is your new ornament symbolic but pretty too!  This can be wonderful to include children from previous relationships joining you all as one.


Those more in tune with the earth may choose to have a tree or Rosebush planting ceremony.  This signifies the couple planting a new life together and watching it grow. Simply beautiful!

Some of these ideas can also be used as mini rituals alongside main ceremonies (See the inspiring choices page) 

I have lots of ideas some of which are new and unique!

Whatever you choose to do I can assist you and together we can create a special and unique day to be remembered.  

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