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Equality & Assurance

A promise to all of my clients...

I, as an individual, celebrate diversity.  It is my intention to honour each person’s right to live life as the unique human being they are. As I am non-denominational I do not hold fixed beliefs against anyone's individual choices or status.  As such, I am willing to be sympathetic to each individual and their wishes.  I will support and treat everybody as equals.  I strive to make sure that everyone is taken into account equally with no grey areas left to individual interpretation.


I promise to not discriminate in any way based on the grounds of race, gender, gender reassignment, marital / partnership status, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief, HIV status, or disability (including sensory and physical disabilities, learning disabilities, neurological difference and mental health status). 

I am fully insured and hold copies of these certificates should you wish to see them.  The policies are fully compliant to most venues whether inside or outside and offer cover of both public and professional indemnity. 

I am an affiliated member of the Institute of Professional Celebrants and regularly complete CPD training to renew my skills for the current market.

Always working together in Life, Love and Loss.

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