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A Little About Me...

Let's celebrate together...

My name is Claire Townsend and I am a wife and mother of one beautiful daughter.  My working life has been diverse but always people-focused. Each role has equipped me with many of the skills needed to be a good celebrant.  I am patient, professional and work extremely hard to give you the level of service you deserve.  As we say in the trade...two ears, one mouth. Listening skills are vital to capture the essence of whatever you are asked to do. So, listen intently and speak articulately.

I am most definitely a people person. Getting to know them, finding out all about them and what makes them individuals is so interesting. Everyone is unique; as such each service I perform reflects that.  My warm, friendly mannerisms have often been praised. I find this approach is essential to put people at ease during what can be often the most daunting or exciting time in their lives.

A large part of a celebrant's work is about being creative.  To design a bespoke baby blessing or conduct a completely individual wedding is just wonderful! Watching people celebrate their special day in their own way is simply wonderful! Imagination is key and opens endless possibilities...

Creativity with words is also vital.  Being asked to deliver a funeral or memorial service is, to me, the biggest honour.  I am passionate about producing a bespoke eulogy for the deceased; delivering a snapshot of their life paying tribute to who they were and to all they achieved in life.  It is vital that you can tell "their" story with the grace it deserves; to honour their life and give lasting memories to the bereaved.

They say you should never work with children or animals...I have done both and I have run a successful award-winning Wedding cake business.  I have dealt with stressful situations and learnt how to keep a calm level head. The ability to help find a solution to all eventualities is key.  I pride myself on the service I provide for my clients.

My motto "to make your wishes my priority" is the core of everything I do.


I look forward to meeting with you and your families.

Should you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me...

(Images courtesy of Stacey England Photography & Aaron Townsend)

Claire in Swan Woods, Stock
Portait of Claire
Claire dressed for a funeral
A splash of colour for a service
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