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"Making your choices my priority"

Working together in life, love and loss

My logo is one that incorporates the Sakura Cherry Blossom, Eucalyptus and the circle. 

The Sakura is said to represent the mind and spirit.  They symbolise both life and death and serve as a reminder that life is beautiful but brief.  As the seasons come and go they show us that life evolves and transcends.  They represent the beauty of nature and connect us to the five elements which incorporate earth, fire, water, air and of course the aether - The space that exists around and between

all things in the universe.

The eucalyptus leaves serve to represent strength, abundance and protection. The leaves have healing properties and can help us to think clearly, move forward when we are troubled and clear away negative energy.  It is a very strong and durable tree often called the Holy Tree as it connects Heaven and Earth.

The circle is said to represent infinity - a shape that has continuity with no beginning and no end. 

It symbolises unity and strength and encompasses the evolution of birth, life and death holding the love within.

Collectively they combine to symbolise life, love and loss.

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